GPS Guide – December 19th 2017

Read: Micah 5:1-4

Study: The scribes in Matthew 2:3-6 used today’s reading to tell King Herod and the magi where to seek the Messiah. The prophet Micah wrote about a king who would come from Bethlehem, “shepherd his flock” well, and make his people secure. In Micah’s day, the Assyrian Empire loomed over Israel, and the people feared both their own wicked kings and Assyrian rule. Micah reminded the people of Israel that, even at a time of fear and insecurity, God was still active

and present. We, too, can find comfort in his words, knowing that God is active and present in our scary, insecure times through Christ. Living in uncertain times as we do, in what sense are you

“dwelling secure” as one of Christ’s flock?

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