GPS Guide – Dec 18th 2017

Read: Psalm 23:1-6

Study:  David become Israel’s greatest king—but he knew a shepherd’s job description from his own experience. In this Psalm, David portrayed God as his shepherd. He found in God the perfect expression of the qualities he himself had exercised as caregiver to his flock of sheep. News of Jesus’ birth was first sent to shepherds, seen as low-class members of society. These humble men could not bring Jesus the rich material gifts that the magi brought later. What did God, the Great Shepherd, provide for Joseph, Mary, and Jesus through the Shepherds at the manger? What people has God used to give you similar gifts?

Prayer: Lord of the Shepherds, Lead me in the week leading up to your son’s birth. Show me what gifts I have to serve the savior Jesus. Amen

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