Sermons By Series

The Redemption of Scrooge (12-03-2023 to 12-24-2023)

Scrooge had good memories and bad ones, just like everyone else. What made Scrooge “Scrooge” was the unhealthy relationship he had with those memories. Scrooge is shown that even though you have made mistakes in the past, you can’t change those things. There are things you can do today. For Scrooge to be redeemed he had to transform. There was nothing he could do about the things in the past, but if he took the present seriously then he could make better decisions this Christmas and scrooge could redeem his heart. And so we have to make sure that we have a healthy relationship with our past, our present, so we can move forward as Christ calls.

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Strapped (10-29-2023 to 11-19-2023)

Humans have always had a tendency to feel strapped. Like we don’t have enough. This is a mentality we all have found ourselves in from time to time. It certainly can be financial, but it can also be time, energy. It can be harder to live in faith when you have something to lose. When you have more, it can be even more difficult to live with an abundance mindset. Trust in God instead of ourselves. Abundance is focused on asking God what you can do with what you, have instead of a focus on what you don’t have. It’s like a seed. It is not about the tiny seed it is about what God can do with it.

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Dinner with Jesus (10-15-2023 to 10-22-2023)

This series is about looking good on the outside, “Keeping up appearances, but neglecting the inside.” What could we say about that? Jesus liked to have hard conversations over the dinner table. When he was sitting at the dinner table he would oftentimes find himself there with people, and for some reason this is when he would say, “ok, we need to have a talk”. Typically these were conversations that the other person did not want to hear, but if they could hear it, if they could lay down their defenses and really hear what Jesus was saying it would transform their hearts and minds for the better.

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Life ~ Don’t Miss It! (09-17-2023 to 10-08-2023)

Don’t miss out on the joys of life..Interupt the unimportant. Jesus traveled extensively to spread God’s word, and was constantly interrupted by people vying for his attention. He never let a schedule stop him from listening or caring or enjoying people as he crossed their path. When Jesus interrupts us, he is bidding for our attention. When we turn from those bids, our heart hardens. Join us Sundays for worship as we learn how to be open, have Joy, Gratitude, be Generous, and find and share the Love God intended for us.

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Back to Basics (08-20-2023 to 09-03-2023)

The term “Christian,” as we understand it, refers to anyone, man, woman, or child, who trusts in Jesus Christ as his or her Savior and Lord and who strives to follow Him in every area of life. There are many times where we talk about the deep thoughts of what it is to be a Christian, but this series we will spend some time talking the basics of what it means to be a Christian. Helpful for others to get us re-centered on what we believe, why we believe it and why it matters.

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Summer Cinema (06-25-2023 to 7-16-2023)

Cinema Summer sermon series – we are going to be looking at different movies and what we can learn from them about what God calls us to do.

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MeltDown (04-16-2023 to 05-16-2023)

Your emtionaly overwhelmed, your tanks and reserves are running on empty. The responsibility is too much…we can sometimes melt down, so what do we do when the burdens are too heavy, and they are too much? Because you melt down does not mean things are over. Watch to learn understand when you are being overwhelmed and walking in Gods path.

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The Way (02-26-2023 to 03-26-2023)

Where does God want me to go? It is both more complicated than you think and simpler than you think. There are all sorts of directions and choices that you get to make throughout your life, and picking those directions is one of the most important things that we can do as disciples of Christ. For most of us, there is no booming voice, there is no burning bush, there is not even an app we can download called what God wants you to do. It’s a matter of discerning what God’s calling you to do. This sermon series we will talk about the core core foundational concepts and move on to the nuts and bolt concepts of what God wants us to know about discernment.

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Why So Angry (01-22-2023 to 02-12-2023)

Why are we so angry? Because other people think differently than we do, and do differently than we want them to do. And sometimes we should have a righteous anger. When people are doing things to hurt or oppress others. When people with no power are being mistreated by those who have power, that should make us angry. But it seems to be that much of the anger comes from the fact that other people do not agree with us. Luckily for us the scripture tells us quite a bit about how to treat people who disagree with us, and you may think it is just simply – love them, but it is actually more complicated and detailed than that in a very helpful way. The Roman empire was much like our country today, but also even more diverse. And all of these different people were coming together to form one church, and so the scripture had some lessons for them that we forgot. This series, we will about how to remember these important ancient lessons.

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Christmas Blizzard (11-27-2022 to 12-18-2022) & Christmas Day (12-25-2022)

The blizzard around us does not have to become the blizzard within us. We often assume that what happens outside of us must also happen inside us. But that does not have to be that way, Jesus teaches us that the chaotic blizzards of our world do not have to become the chaotic blizzards of our hearts. So for this Advent season together we are going to explore the Christmas story and see the way God reveals to us this lesson through the story.

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What If? (11-06-2022 to 11-20-2022)

We often ask “What if I fail?”, when instead we should be thinking more about, “what if I succeed!” What if God does the things that God promises to do? What if I am actually faithful, then what can God do? God wants us to ask the “what if?” question focused on possibility instead of fear.

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Life Is Good (09-18-2022 to 10-16-2022)

God is good…All The time and All the time….God is good.” Is a christian church thing originating in churches in Africa in the midst of persecution that people say together. When we say God is good, it is important that we understand what we are saying. I know it might sound a bit dull to talk about how we are going to define goodness, but believe me by understanding how Good God is, it has huge impact on the way we see the world and how we live our lives. So bear with me as I present to you. God is good! Better than you realize.

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The Blank Spaces (08-28-2022 to 09-11-2022)

Blank Space – You have a blank space in your life and you get to choose how it will be filled. You can decide what success looks like. You don’t have to listen to anyone else’s standard of success that is for you. Redemption in an immersion baptism, I am dying and starting again something new. This sermon is not about money, it is about success and getting us to re-frame how we look at success.

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Pay Attention (07-31-2022 to 08-21-2022)

 We go through life and get so much in the habit of getting the bills paid, being where we are supposed to be on time, and just living, that we forget about how God is at work in the world, God is at work in you, and God wants you to be at work on yourself and in the world. Pay attention because you never know when God is going to be there to teach you something, call you to do something extraordinary, do something incredible. Pay attention!

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Psalms of the Summer (6-5-2022 to 7-3-2022)

Psalms means praises. Two-thirds of psalms are laments, but there are many praises. They were not written by one person, they were written over 500 years by a variety of people whose lives, countries, and experiences were drastically different. Join us as we learn how Psalms teach us to pray, express our gratitude to God, ask for His help, share our broken hearts… to talk to God about EVERYTHING.

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The Art of Friendship (4-24-2022 to 5-15-2022)

The Case for Spiritual Friendship. If we want biblical friendship, we must be willing to invest a resource that is limited and irreplaceable. We must invest our time. It is not a quick thing that happens overnight. Shared interest or common ground are needed. Must be centered on the goal and attitude of Christ.

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Our Legacy (3-6-2022 to 4-10-2022)

Our story ~ the history of us….. Godly Legacy – Making the world better. We are a part of something bigger than ourselves. A long tradition of trying to do better. A Godly Legacy is about making an impact in the world that will continue to enrich people’s lives and bring God glory.

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Flawed (1-23-2022 to 2-20-2022)

Everyone you know is flawed. All of us make mistakes. And our God uses flawed and imperfect people to do perfect and incredible things. In the Bible we see a story of the people of God, and their journey through life in faith. The human beings of scripture were flawed just like you and I are today. But even in their flaws, God used the ancestors of our faith to do incredible and perfect things. God can and does use us today to do wonderful things in the midst of our flaws. We hope you will come join us as we overcome our flaws and help make the world a better place.

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The Sounds of Christmas (11-28-2021 to 12-26-2021)

This series we focus on the songs and sounds of Christmas and how they reflect lessons from the Bible. Charles Wesley helped his more famous brother, John, start the Methodist movement. As a writer of more than 8,000 hymns, his songwriting played an important part in the movement’s birth. One of the enduring strengths of many of these songs is the fact that they don’t just retell the nativity story. Instead, it focuses on a hunger that we can all identify with. As we launch into Advent, Charles Wesley’s songs can help you teach about Israel’s long wait for their coming Messiah as it struggled under foreign occupation.

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Greater Than (10-24-2021 to 11-21-2021)

We are going to talk about doing better and being greater than we were before. Christianity has always had a bit of a linear theology, we believe that we can be better and do better than we could yesterday.  That tomorrow can be better today, or at least we can be better followers of Jesus that we were before even if we face obstacles in the future. So for the next few weeks we are going to be talking about being greater than. So we can do greater than, we can be greater than.

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Putting It Back Together (09-19-2021 to 10-17-2021)

Sometimes it feels like everything is broken, but it does not have to feel that way. God loves to heal, repair, and put things back together. Join us as we discuss a different forms of “broken” each week and it is going to teach us about the importance of healing in the bible and the difference it makes.

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Faith 101 (08-15-2021 to 09-05-2021)

This series we discuss who is Jesus (He is God, He is Human, He is the seven great “I Am’s”), what is the bible, what is real sin, what does confession really mean and look like. Learning what real faith consists of, we go back to the basics in this series.

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Come To The Table (07-11-2021 to 08-01-2021)

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus shared meals with his people. In a world where there is an increase of hate and dissention, as followers of Jesus, God calls us to make space for all of God’s children at the table. This series will help us most fully see God as we are mindful about seeing one another. Letting our Guard down and seeing other people and God.  This involves inviting other people to sit at the table with us. The table is a metaphor for inviting others into our lives, and inviting Jesus into our lives.  This is a series about connecting to God and connecting to others.

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What To Do..When You Don’t Know What To Do (06-27-2021 to 07-11-2021)

When we don’t know what to do God might be calling us to wait. Waiting and patience are not the same as doing nothing. There are some lessons God can only teach us through the Christian practice of waiting. When we don’t know what to do it is time to listen. When we get afraid often times we grab for control because we believe that control will make us safe.  And that makes sense, and there is nothing wrong with having a plan.  But while we have that plan, we also have to trust that God’s plan is better.

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Fool Proof (05-16-2021 to 06-13-2021)

The book of proverbs is the oldest book of the bible, and these little pieces of wisdom that were given by God were then recycled and can be used by us today to figure out how to live life. This wisdom is imparted both by divine revelation and by allowing us to see the world in the way that God created it.  We have to make sure that we are aligning ourselves with the way God created us.

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Be Still (04-11-2021 to 05-02-2021)

We are not meant to stay in solitude, but it is something that we should be able to withdraw to so that we can connect with God. Christians must overcome our aversion of silence and stillness. Christians must learn the skill of slowing down and calming down to be with and hear God.

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Overcoming The Lies (02-21-2021 to 04-04-2021)

This series will discuss the lies we may not say outload, but we seem to believe or convince ourselves are true. Lies such as “It’s too late” , “I’ll do it someday” , I don’t have a choice” , “My worth determined by my work”.

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Grace Is Greater (02-07-2021 to 02-14-2021)

No sin is so great, no bitterness so deep that God’s grace
cannot transform the heart and rewrite the story.
It is a good thing every now and then to remind ourselves about the basics, the tenets of our faith, the things that make us Christians and drive us forward to do the things that God is calling us to do.

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Be The Switch (01-10-2021 to 01-31-2021)

Every day, Christians struggle with the question, “How can God us me?” As believers in Christ, we have a calling. That calling may not be to join the mission field or enter into full-time vocational ministry, but it’s still relevant and important. In this series we’re going to take a look at what it means to make an impact right where you are in life and how to discover what you’re called to do. Get ready to be the switch!

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The Promise Kept – Advent (11-20-2020 to 12-25-2020)

God made promises to us, not because we deserve it, but because he is a good father. The promise of Hope, the promise of Love, the promise of Joy, the promise of Peace. Jesus is the fulfillment of those promises.  His is the Promise Kept!

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Do It Anyway (10-25-2020 to 11-15-2020)

Sometimes when God calls us to be faithful it does not make any sense.  Sometimes being generous, forgiving, loving, or something else seems hard.  But in the midst of that spirit, we are going to decide to do the right thing.  When you have a good reason to not do the right thing, we can choose to do the right thing anyway.

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Frequency – Discerning God’s Voice (09-20-2020 to 10-18-2020)

In order to tune into God’s frequency, we must tune out other frequencies. Discern means to set apart or to agonize or wrestle. A massive part of discernment is recognizing that when God does not give us the answer that we want, God is still present.

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Hold Fast (09-06-2020 to 09-13-2020)

2 John is one of the shortest but powerful books of the bible, teaching of “Truth” and “Love”. Christians are not meant to believe the gospel, we are meant to live the gospel.

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Erased (08-09-2020 to 08-30-2020)

A relationship with the Holy Spirit is often ignored in Christian relationships.This is what “Erased” is about.  We have neglected our relationship with the spirit, and these are the things that we need to do in order to see this important aspect of being a follower of Jesus Christ.

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Ghosts (07-12-2020 to 08-02-2020)

You don’t have to be afraid of your past because that’s not who you are anymore. Jesus has made you a completely new creation; you have a new identity.

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Refresh (06-07-2020 to 07-05-2020)

A return to Godly Wisdom. Reinvigorate things and make them refreshed. Leave the past behind, refresh ourselves back to God’s mission for us. Return to a unity with God.

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Irrational Hope (04-12-2020 to 05-17-2020)

Holding sorrow and joy together. It gives us hope that like Daniel we can walk into the lion’s den with all the odds against us and still come out victorious.

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Flirting With Disaster (02-23-2020 to 03-29-2020)

Wile E coyote, is always playing with explosives and anvils, and other things that bring disaster, but he continues to flirt with them, to use them, to play with them.  It is time that we take a different approach. Safeguards discussing how we must be mindful of temptation and put safeguards in our lives to make sure that we don’t fall to temptation.

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5 Years From Now (01-12-2020 to 1-26-2020)

Where will you be five years from now? Sanctification and setting goals for the better to reflect Jesus. Our behavior change is a reflection of our salvation, but we do not obtain salvation because of our behavior.

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