What would you change about your wife?

When we get married, our love talk tends to go something like this: “I love everything about you.  I wouldn’t change one thing!”.  Over time, though, we discover each others idiosyncrasies and the things that drive us crazy.  You may not want to answer aloud depending on your answer, but what is one thing you would change about your wife if you could?  Click to find out what the top five reasons men said in a recent survey!

According to a recent survey, these were the top five things married men would change about their wives if they could:

  1. I wish she were more interested in sexual intimacy
  2. I would like her to nag me less
  3. I wish she wouldn’t overreact
  4. I would like her to be less negative
  5. I wish she wouldn’t criticize me so much

If you’re a married woman, which one of these do you think you are the worst at?  What is one thing you might do to work on that area?  And don’t worry ladies – later this week we’ll turn the tables and look at what married women would change in their husbands!


This blog is part of a series of posts looking forward to our new sermon series, Love to Stay, based on the popular book by Adam Hamilton.  Join us for free lunch on February 8th as we discover together how the Christian life can enrich our marriages!

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