Will your marriage last?

Will your marriage last?  Nobody likes to think about divorce and people don’t generally get married with the expectation that it won’t last forever.  But divorce happens.  Do you meet one of the warning signs? A recent study looked at the top reasons couples get divorced.  Three things quickly rose to the top: 1) Adultery 2) Addiction – typically alcohol, drugs or sexual addictions 3) Emotional and/or physical abuse Often times, the bonds of a marriage begin to slowly unravel rather than jumping straight to one of these three reasons, though.  Adultery begins with a simple flirtation.  Addictions form out of a series of “just one more time”.  And abuse can be masked by apologies for a long time.  It’s important to recognize the warning signs before things get out of hand.  Interestingly, though, one factor consistently led to a lower divorce rate: worship attendance.  Of those that never attend worship services, the rate of adultery is nearly 25%.  Yet for those that attend worship together on a weekly basis was less than half of that.  If you’re looking for a church, what better time than now?  At Connect Church, we are launching a sermon series on February 8th that will talk about how the Christian life can lead to an enriched marriage.  Be sure to check us out!


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