Lent Devotion Daily Guide – March 8, 2022

There is something everyone should know; God loves you and Jesus is our savior! In the year 36 AD a man named Stephen became the first Christian Martyr. In Acts 7 we see Stephen try to explain to his Jewish listeners about the role Jesus played to bring God’s word and salvation to the national is Israel. However, the listeners responded so negatively to what Steven said, they dragged him outside and hit him with large stones until he was dead. Steven became the first person to die trying to tell others about Jesus and his love. Since that day many people have sacrificed, even their lives, so later generations could know of God’s love. We know of the love of Jesus because of the legacy of those who came before us.

As we talk about legacy during the season of lent, it is critical we never underestimate the importance of that legacy. We are now stewards of the good news of Christ. Most of us will never have to think about being trying to share God’s love. However, like every generation before us, we do face obstacles in making sure the next generation understands the gospel. Political divisiveness, false prophets, and spiritual apathy are just some of the things that threaten the legacy of God’s love. It is our duty, calling, and privilege to carry on the legacy of love, grace, hope, peace, and joy.

Take a moment and Read Acts 7.

How can you carry on the legacy of sharing God’s love with others?

~ Pastor Adam Ricks

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