Lent Devotion Daily Guide – March 7, 2022

Through the season of lent we will be focusing on the word “Legacy.” The Christian church has a complicated history. Throughout this history the people of God have built hospitals to heal the sick, orphanages to care for children, founded feeding ministries to provide for the hungry, and told many hurting souls about the healing love of Jesus. However, the Christian church has also many blemishes that do not honor the commandments of Jesus. Many have committed violence in God’s name. Many false prophets have spread harmful lies about who God is and what Christians are called to do. For the next six weeks we will read and pray to become more intentional about our own legacy.

Each of us impact the world in some way. Our interactions with others, and the way we choose to obey, ignore, or defy God’s will for our lives makes an impact on the world around us. The impact we make on the world in our legacy, and each of us are responsible for that legacy.

Please take a moment and read Ephesians 2:1-10 and reflect/ pray /and journal about what God is saying to you about your legacy.

Are you intentional about the impact you have on the world around you? Have you ever asked God to guide you to leave a legacy that honors Christ?

~ Pastor Adam Ricks

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