GPS Guide – February 7, 2020


This Weeks IntroductionOver the past few weeks at Connect Church we have been discussing the importance of setting spiritual goals.  We are called to set the lifelong spiritual goal of sanctification.  Sanctification is the word Christians use to express our desire to reach our potential, or become the people that God wants us to become.  The journey to reach our full potential is not something that we can do without the Holy Spirit.  This week we will focus on the essential power of the Holy Spirit to achieve our spiritual goals. ~ Pastor Adam Ricks 


Read: Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart. ” (NIV – Psalm 37:4)

Study: We can surrender to the Holy Spirit by shifting our desires.  Too often our desires are not aligned with God’s desires.  As we surrender to the Spirit we begin to want the things for ourselves that God wants for us.  As Christians it is important that we not only align our actions with God’s commandments, but that we align our desires as well.  What desires do you have that are not in line with God’s desires for you?  Are you doing the work of aligning your desires with God’s desires?

Prayer: Christ Jesus, sometimes we want bad, harmful, or simply incorrect things.  Please help me to depend upon the spirit of God, and want the things that you want for me. Amen.

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