Happiness Reflection Guide – October 4, 2019


Read: Isaiah 12:2

Surely God is my salvation;
    I will trust and not be afraid.
The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense;
    he has become my salvation.”

Study: Could you be happy if you were in prison?  Or what if you were called at a young age to enter a cloistered monastery and live in seclusion throughout your life?  Could you find happiness if you were living in the utmost poverty having barely enough to feed your family each and every day?  The answer is “Yes.”  You most certainly can find happiness within any situation of life.  How?  Happiness is not dependent upon the external circumstances of life that are out of our control.  It is not dependent upon wealth, physical freedom, or even vocational callings.  Happiness is found exclusively in the fact that we are intimately united with our Lord, no matter what our vocation or life circumstances.  The question is whether or not you are in love with God. Reflect upon your interior relationship with our Lord.  Do you know and love God in a real and personal way?  Do you daily communicate with God and spend your day in God’s presence?  Is your life of prayer alive and flourishing?  Does your heart burst forth with a burning love?  God loves you perfectly.  Love God back and you will find your source of your joy in life. 

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to love you with a burning love.  Help me to know You in the most intimate and personal of ways.  I know that my happiness depends solely upon my love for You.  May that love in my heart increase daily so that I may be one with You in all things.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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