GPS Guide Feb 2nd 2018

Read: Philippians 4:8

Study: Do you think about your thoughts much? Part of the transformation into a follower in Christ is to seek a change in not only action and belief, but also in thought. Our thoughts are important. It is easy to worry or to be anxious in our world. Rightly so! But Christ calls us, in those moments of hesitation and hardship, to focus on those things in like that are wholesome and good. Be aware today of your thoughts. How often do you think a bad thought against someone else? How often do you worry? Do your anxieties control your actions? Look to Christ in those moments and rely on him instead.

 Prayer: Lord, lead me in action and thought. I pray that you easy my worries, curb my anxiety, and stop all hateful thoughts. Let my thought rely wholly on you and the things that are lovely and pure. Amen.


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