GPS Guide Feb 1st 2018

Read: Matthew 5:6

Study: This verse is all about seeking the right things in life. We desire many things in our lives. We want to sext gadget, a new car, a new house, new clothes. Etc. While getting those new things can be legitimately exciting, have you ever been truly happy because of these things? I am talking about happiness that gives your life purpose. I would bet that you haven’t. That is because things do not give true, long term happiness. Jesus tells us in this scripture that true fulfillment comes through the desire to seek righteousness. If you seek righteousness in your life, you will be filled. What do you need to stop seeking in order to seek righteousness?

Pray: God of mercy, I pray today that you fill the God shaped void in my heart. I pray that you teach me to seek you and you alone. Help me to seek righteousness. Amen.


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