Why your marriage lacks focus

It happens to everyone.  If you’ve been married more than a few years, chances are you have hit a dry spell at some point.  For some couples it looks like an endless series of arguments over the smallest things.  For others it feels like you’ve been living as roommates rather than spouses.  It could be an indication that something serious is wrong that needs to be dealt with.  But perhaps it’s just a question of focus.



Most businesses have a mission statement.  Some spend large sums of money writing one and creating a culture around it.  What if your marriage did the same?    In February, Connect Church will be preaching a sermon series on Adam Hamilton’s book, Love to Stay.  In the book, Hamilton tells us that the “mission of marriage is for both husband and wife to be helpers, partners, and companions for one another.”  We tend to be really good at living that out early in our marriages, but somewhere along the line we lose site of the mission.  As Christians we should view marriage as a sacred covenant between us, God and our spouses.  And in that sacred relationship God intends us to bless one another, using our mutual strengths in the relationship.

How have you blessed your spouse recently?  What makes an act of kindness a blessing is the unexpected nature of it.  Maybe it’s making breakfast for your wife while she is still asleep.  Or maybe it’s getting a babysitter and making reservations at your husband’s favorite restaurant on a Tuesday evening.  Find a way to bless your spouse this week.  And be sure to leave a comment here or on Facebook to tell us about it.  You never know – your act of love and kindness might just bless someone else as well!

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