Lent Devotion Daily Guide – March 14, 2022

For the next several weeks we will be talking about some of the Christians who came before us. Today I want to introduce you to a legendary Christian named Basil the Great (329-379AD). Though Basil was not a perfect person, through examining his life we can learn much about how we can live faithfully as disciples of Jesus today. Basil spent his life sharing the love of Jesus with others. Basil was a famous preacher who believed it was his duty to share the love of God by openly professing God’s love to all who would listen. However, Basil also believed that sharing the love of Jesus required not just words but actions. Basil once wrote, “The radiance of divine beauty is altogether beyond the power of words to describe.” For this reason, he believed we were only able to share God’s love fully with acts of kindness. This week we will be focusing on the importance of sharing God’s love through our actions. I hope you will join me in prayer as we think about how each of us are given opportunities to share the good news of Jesus through our actions.

~ Pastor Adam Ricks

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