Praying The Psalms 150 Days-150 Prayers (Week 18)

Welcome to Week 18 of Praying through the Psalms.

The leaders in the Oklahoma annual conference have asked all members to read and pray through the book of Psalms.  Why the Psalms?  The Psalms are a therapeutic hymnal.  A range of emotions are expressed in the sometime short, other times lengthy worshipful pieces of poetry and prose.  The Psalms comprised the worship book for the Jewish tradition.  What do these Psalms say to us today?  Allow the Holy Spirit to move within your heart and speak to you anew as you reflect on these passages.

“With the Lord’s gracious help I have expounded as best I could all the other psalms contained in the book which, as we all know, is by the Church’s custom called the Psalter. I have done so partly in sermons to the people, and partly by dictation. But always I put off the exposition of Psalm 119, not so much because of its formidable length as because of its profundity, which few can fathom. Every time I tried to think about it, it always seemed far beyond the powers of my mind. The plainer it seems, the more profound does it appear to me, so much so that I cannot even demonstrate how profound it is. When in other psalms some passage presents difficulty, at least the obscurity itself is obvious, even though the meaning is hidden; but in this psalm not even the obscurity is evident, for on the surface the psalm is so simple that it might be thought to require a reader or a listener only, not an expositor.” — Augustine of Hippo, Prologue to Expositions of Psalm 119

Monday –  Read Psalm 118

Tuesday –  Read Psalm 119

Wednesday –  Read Psalm 120

Thursday –  Read Psalm 121

Friday –  Read Psalm 122

Saturday –  Read Psalm 123

Sunday –  Read Psalm 124

Pray and reflect on what you have read each day. How does it speak to us today?

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