Praying The Psalms 150 Days-150 Prayers (Week 16)

Welcome to Week 16 of Praying through the Psalms.

The leaders in the Oklahoma annual conference have asked all members to read and pray through the book of Psalms.  Why the Psalms?  The Psalms are a therapeutic hymnal.  A range of emotions are expressed in the sometime short, other times lengthy worshipful pieces of poetry and prose.  The Psalms comprised the worship book for the Jewish tradition.  What do these Psalms say to us today?  Allow the Holy Spirit to move within your heart and speak to you anew as you reflect on these passages.

The 105th Psalm is a meditation on the covenant as performed on the part of God, the 106th on the covenant as kept by Israel. They both dwell on the predestinating will of God, electing men to holiness and obedience, and the mode in which human sin opposes itself to that will, and yet cannot make it void.

The 106th Psalm begins and ends with Hallelujah– “Praise ye the Lord.” The space between these two descriptions of praise is filled up with the mournful details of Israel’s sin, and the extraordinary patience of God; and truly we do well to bless the Lord both at the beginning and the end of our meditations when sin and grace are the themes.

Monday –  Read Psalm 104

Tuesday –  Read Psalm 105

Wednesday –  Read Psalm 106

Thursday –  Read Psalm 107

Friday –  Read Psalm 108

Saturday –  Read Psalm 109

Sunday –  Read Psalm 110

Pray and reflect on what you have read each day. How does it speak to us today?

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