GPS Guide – February 1, 2019



Below is a poem that was used to help the Children of Connect act out the Esther story. Read it as a recap  of what we have learned over the past 4 weeks.

Behold the story of Esther, the Jew;
Her parents are dead – now what will she do?
‘Fear not,’ says her cousin, the good Mordecai,
‘I will raise you as mine – do not weep, do not sigh.’

The years roll onward, and Esther’s a beauty.
How can I do as I’m told at this time?
To go to the King would just be a crime.
Mordecai, please, you don’t understand –

I have to wait on Xerxes’ command!
She’s good and she’s kind, she remembers her duty.
She’s just like a daughter to dear Mordecai,
And he says she’s the apple of his eye.

But hark! What is this? New maidens are sought
For Xerxes’ harem – and Esther is caught!
Now, keep your head down, Esther, watch what you do;
And whatever happens, don’t say you’re a Jew.

A year further on, and Esther is stunning.
She’s perfumed, bejeweled, but still knows no cunning.
She’s meek and she’s mild, with no hint of pride,
And that’s just what King Xerxes will want in a bride.

Now Xerxes, he wants a sweet little Queen,
A bit of eye candy, you know what I mean;
Esther must please him, never a frown,
Smiling and posing in her golden crown.

Now the King’s servant, Haman, hates all the Jews.
Esther is called on to help – she must choose;
For Esther is queen, but only in name;
She dare not play this dangerous game.

Be bold, Queen Esther, it’s time to be brave.
Put your faith in the Lord, and your people you’ll save.
Think for yourself and save Mordecai;
Without your help, he will certainly die.

So Esther employs all her womanly wiles;
She plots, and she flatters, she smiles and beguiles.
She turns the tables on the King’s chief advisor;
He’s under her spell, and he’s none the wiser.

I’m bold, and I’m brave, I am Esther the Queen;
There’s much more to me than anyone’s seen.
I’ll save Mordecai, whom I love and I cherish;
I will make sure that my people don’t perish.

So Haman, swung dead from his very own gallows,
And Esther proved that she wasn’t shallow.
Now Queen and respected, she issues decrees,
And Mordecai works for royal Xerxes.

Praise to the Lord who gave me my beauty,
Praise to the Lord who taught me my duty;
Praise to the Lord who gave me the power
To rescue my people in their direst hour.

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