GPS Guide – October 16 2018


Read: Proverbs 22:6

Study: If you are a parent, your main job is teaching your kids how to be Christians. As we mentioned yesterday, your kids look up to you. You must not only be an example with your actions, you must also educate them in the ways of a Christian. Today, I invite you to read the Bible with your child. After you read, give them time to ask questions and use this opportunity to teach them about the love of Christ. If you are not a parent, you can still help teach kids the fundamentals that shape a child’s life. What we teach our kids today will forever stay with them and will impact their future. I challenge you to find somewhere to serve children. There are plenty of opportunities within Connect church if you are looking for some way to teach our Children.

Prayer: Heavenly God, thank you for the responsibility you have given me. Teaching our children what it means to be Christians is a blessing. Use me to bless the kids in my life so that, when they grow up, they can bless others in your name. Amen.

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