GPS Guide May 3rd 2018

Read: Mark 9:43

Study: While harsh sounding even in its day, this verse speaks truth into our society today. What Jesus is telling us here is that we should not ignore those aspects of our life that separate us from doing the will of God. Each of us has something that we do or think that is not in line with God’s idea of Heaven on Earth. Jesus is calling to set aside that thing that makes us stumble. Those things that cause us to suffer and inflict pain on others must be set aside in order to truly live in Gods Kingdom here on earth. Is there something in your life that causes you to stumble. Seriously think about that. Whatever it may be, give it to God so that you can live the life God wants you to live.

Prayer: God of mercy, today I give you my weakness. Through my unwillingness to change, you work in wonderous ways. Continue to work in me and allow me to work in others. Amen.

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