GPS Guide – January 8th 2018

Read: James 1:12

Study:  After arriving in Rome, Paul was placed under house arrest.  House arrest in ancient Rome was not like house arrest today. They didn’t have those little ankle monitors. Instead they chained the person under house arrest to a Pretorian Guard. These are the Imperial Guard mentioned here. Paul would have been chained, all day, to Pretorian guards who would change shifts every 4 hours. Imagine how miserable this would be. But Paul did not revel in his calamity. He used this as an opportunity to evangelize to these guards. Paul gives us a good example of a faithful believer, no matter their situation, glorifying God.

Prayer: Heavenly God, give me the strength and the ability to change my perception of my troubles, like you did with Paul. Let me use whatever is given me, to glorify you. Amen.

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