GPS Guide January 11th 2018

Read: James 1:14-15

Study: Sometimes, We are called to remove ourselves from whatever is testing or tempting us. James tells us that Temptation, if continued, can turn into sin and we know that, even though we are called, at times, to persevere in testing, we are not called to persevere in sin. When our temptations and trials lead us to sin, we must either remove ourselves or remove the temptation. Do not let your pride convince you to persevere when you should remove yourself. Sin is rarely easy to deny and often the temptation of sin is hard to resist. What temptation are you called to separate yourself from?

Prayer: Heavenly God, even though you call me to persevere, I know that I am still human. When I am given more than I can resist, give me the foresight to remove myself. Amen.

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