GPS Guide – Dec 25th 2017

Read: John 1:14

Study: Merry Christmas! Jesus is God and God is Jesus. Remember that this very same God that breathed life into the clay; this very same God who said, “let there be light”; this very same God who parted the waters and led his people through the desert; it is this same God that decided to be born as a vulnerable child. Our God chose to become flesh and live among us so that we could see his glory in a way that we didn’t see before. Humility, truth and grace were lifted up in this new child. Remember these virtues today as you celebrate the King.

Prayer: Holy God, you are the name above all names. You have done many great things. Thank you for showing us the perfect example of humility by coming to this earth as a baby. I praise you and lift up your name. Amen.

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