GPS Guide Sept 20th, 2017

Read: John 21:15-17

Study: If you recall from the earlier verse of John 18 when Jesus was arrested, Peter was asked, on three different occasions, if he was a follower of Christ. Peter denied knowing Christ three times. Here, in john 21, Jesus asks Peter if he loves him three times. This truly show Christ’s forgiving nature at work. Even though Peter denies Jesus, Jesus gives him the opportunity to show his love and commitment once more. If we are to love Christ like Peter does in this story, we must also heed Christs command. In order to love Christ, we must also feed, care, and love those around us.

Pray: Thank you Jesus for always forgiving me. Like Peter, I mess up but you are always there to forgive me. Give me the strength and courage to respond to your love by loving those around me. In your holy name, Amen.

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