GPS Guide Sept 14th, 2017


Acts 20:35


Jesus never said following him would be easy. In fact, he promised us that it would be hard. His yoke is heavy but he promises to help us. Jesus showed us, through his actions, that we are to serve the weak. Serving the weak requires that we deny ourselves in order to bless someone else. Today, I want you to strongly consider the ancient practice of fasting. You can choose to fast from food, an item, a habit, or any other thing that is important to you. Use this time to reflect and remember the sacrifices that Jesus made and promised that we must make in order to be a blessing for others.


Lord, we know that to lose is to gain in your eyes. Your perfect example has shown us that we must deny ourselves and go out into the world and serve those who are weak. Help me to focus on you and your promises as I go about my day. In your loving name, Amen.

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