Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. 2 CORINTHIANS 13:5 NIV

It closely concerns every one of us to apply personally and practically our Lord’s teachings about building upon a sure foundation. We each need to diligently examine what foundation we have built upon, whether on a rock or on the sand. How deeply are you concerned to ask, “What is the foundation of my hope?” On what do you build your expectation of entering into the kingdom of heaven? Is it built on your orthodoxy, your right opinions, which you have sadly misnamed faith? Is this not madness? Surely this is building on the sand, or rather, on the froth of the sea. Or again, are you building your hope on what is equally unable to support it—perhaps, on belonging to an excellent church, one reformed after the true scripture model, blessed with a pure doctrine, an apostolic form of government? These are truly reasons for praising God, as they are certainly helps to holiness, but they are not themselves holiness. And if they are separate from it, they will profit nothing. Indeed, they will leave us all the more without excuse and exposed to the greater damnation. So this foundation, likewise, is like building upon the sand. We cannot, we dare not, rest here.

Wesley, John (2011-02-01). Renew My Heart (Classic Insights) . Barbour Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

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