For in Christ Jesus… faith working through love. GALATIANS 5:6 NASB

The right and true Christian faith is not only to believe that the holy scriptures and the creeds which express our beliefs are true. It is to have a sure trust and confidence to be saved from everlasting damnation by Christ. It is a sure trust and confidence which a person has in God that, by the merits of Christ, one’s sins are forgiven, and he is now reconciled to the favor of God. From this comes a loving heart to obey His commandments. This faith purifies the heart by the power of God who now dwells within. The heart is cleansed from pride, anger, wrong desire—from all unrighteousness, from “all filthiness of the flesh and spirit” (2 Corinthians 7:1 NKJV). And the heart is filled with a love stronger than death, both to God and to everyone. This love does the works of God, rejoicing to spend and be spent for all. This love endures with joy, not only reproach for the name of Christ, the being mocked, despised, and hated by men and women, but whatever the wisdom of God permits the malice of people or devils to inflict. Whoever has this faith, thus working by or through love, is not only almost, but altogether, a Christian.

Wesley, John (2011-02-01). Renew My Heart (Classic Insights) . Barbour Publishing, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

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