Prayer For Contrition

O holy LORD, who art a merciful embracer of true penitents, but yet a consuming fire towards obstinate sinners; be you pleased to soften and melt this hard heart, that I may bewail the iniquities of my life. Strike this rock, O LORD, that the waters may flow out. My drowsy soul has too long slept in sin: LORD, awaken it, though it be with thunder; and let me rather feel thy terrors, than not feel my sin. You sentest thy blessed Son to heal the broken-hearted; but, LORD, what will that avail me, if my heart be whole O break it, that it may be capable of this healing virtue; and grant, I beseech thee, that having once tasted the bitterness of sin, I may flee from it as from the face of a serpent, and bring forth fruits of repentance, to the glory of thy grace, in JESUS CHRIST, our blessed Redeemer.

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