A Prayer for Preservation.

O merciful GOD, by whose bounty alone it is, that this day is added to my life, I beseech thee so to guide me in it by thy grace, that I may do nothing which may dishonor thee, or wound my own soul, but that I may diligently apply myself to all such good works as you have prepared for me to walk in; and, Lord, I beseech thee, give thy angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways, that I and mine may be safe under thy gracious protection, through JESUS CHRIST.

O LORD, pardon the wanderings and coldness of these petitions; and deal with me, not according to my prayers or deserts, but according to my needs and thine own rich mercies in JESUS CHRIST, in whose blessed name and words Y conclude my imperfect prayers, saying, Our Father, (- At night, when it draws towards the time of rest, bethink thyself haw you have passed the day; examine thine own heart, what sin, either of thought, word, or deed, you have committed, and what opportunity of doing good you have omitted; and whatsoever thou findest to accuse thyself of, confess humbly to GOD, renew thy purposes of amendment, and beg his pardon in CHRIST; and this not slightly, but with all devout earnestness, as you wouldst do if. you went sure thy death were as near approaching as thy sleep, which for ought you knows may be, and therefore you should no more venture to sleep unreconciled to GOD, than you wouldst dare to die so. In the next place, consider what special mercies you have that day received, or if you have had any great deliverance, either front some dangerous temptations, or from any great and apparent peril, andff’er to God thy hearty praise for the same; or if nothing extra-ordinary have happened, and you have been kept even

from the approach of danger, you have not the less, but the greater cause to magnify GOD, who has so guarded thee, that not so notch as the fear of evil has assaulted thee. And therefore omit not to pay him the tribute of humble thankfulness, as well for his daily preservations as his more extraordinary deliverances. And above all, endeavor still, by the consideration of his mercies9 td have thy heart more closely knit to him, remembering that every favor received is a new obligation upon thee to love and obey him.

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