The Fruit We Bear

Those who keep the good word have avoided the deceitfulness of riches. Deceitful indeed, for they smile and betray, put out the eyes, harden the heart, and steal away the life of God in the soul, filling it with pride, anger, and love of the world. It makes men and women enemies to the whole cross of Christ; yet all the while, riches are really desired and vehemently pursued, even by those who believe there is a God.

One who receives seed on the good ground is one who hears the word, considers it, and keeps it… with perseverance. The ground is soft, not like that by the wayside; deep, not like the stony ground; and purged, not full thorns.

In this parable Jesus told, the ground bore fruit, some hundred fold, some sixty, some thirty. It was in various proportions, some abundantly more than others; but all were fruitful hearers of the word-because when they had heard the word, they considered it. Saint Paul wrote to Timothy, meditate on these things…that thy profiting may appear in all things.
True meditation is faith, hope, love, and joy, melted down together the fire of God’s Holy Spirit and offered up to God in secret.
Lord, may we consider and be fruitful.
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