Parable of the Sower

“A farmer went out to sow his seed” Matthew 13:3

The parable signify is not only a comparison but, sometimes, a proverb. It is any kind of constructive speech in which spiritual things are explained in illustrated by natural. The story is the literal sense; interpretation (explanation) is the spiritual. Resting in the literal sense is deadly. The spiritual sense gives life.

The manner of speaking in parables was extremely common Middle Eastern countries. It drew and fix the attention that it caused truth spoken to sink deeper into humble and serious years. Yet, by an awful mixture of justice and mercy, it hit them from the proud and careless.

How exquisitely proper is the parable an introduction to all the rest. In this one, our Lord answers and obvious and most important question: the same sower, Christ, and the same preachers sent by Him always sow the same seed – why does it not always have the same effect?

Our Lord points out the grand hindrances of our bearing fruit in the same order as they occur. The first danger is that birds will devour the seed. If it escapes this, there is another danger, namely, lest it be scorched it wither away. It is long after this that the thorns spring up and choke the good seed, so that few bring forth fruit to perfection.

Oh, Lord may we be among those few.

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