Sermons By Series

Be Still (04-11-2021 to 05-02-2021)

We are not meant to stay in solitude, but it is something that we should be able to withdraw to so that we can connect with God. Christians must overcome our aversion of silence and stillness. Christians must learn the skill of slowing down and calming down to be with and hear God.

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Overcoming The Lies (02-21-2021 to 04-04-2021)

This series will discuss the lies we may not say outload, but we seem to believe or convince ourselves are true. Lies such as “It’s too late” , “I’ll do it someday” , I don’t have a choice” , “My worth determined by my work”.

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Grace Is Greater (02-07-2021 to 02-14-2021)

No sin is so great, no bitterness so deep that God’s grace
cannot transform the heart and rewrite the story.
It is a good thing every now and then to remind ourselves about the basics, the tenets of our faith, the things that make us Christians and drive us forward to do the things that God is calling us to do.

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Be The Switch (01-10-2021 to 01-31-2021)

Every day, Christians struggle with the question, “How can God us me?” As believers in Christ, we have a calling. That calling may not be to join the mission field or enter into full-time vocational ministry, but it’s still relevant and important. In this series we’re going to take a look at what it means to make an impact right where you are in life and how to discover what you’re called to do. Get ready to be the switch!

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The Promise Kept – Advent (11-20-2020 to 12-25-2020)

God made promises to us, not because we deserve it, but because he is a good father. The promise of Hope, the promise of Love, the promise of Joy, the promise of Peace. Jesus is the fulfillment of those promises.  His is the Promise Kept!

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Do It Anyway (10-25-2020 to 11-15-2020)

Sometimes when God calls us to be faithful it does not make any sense.  Sometimes being generous, forgiving, loving, or something else seems hard.  But in the midst of that spirit, we are going to decide to do the right thing.  When you have a good reason to not do the right thing, we can choose to do the right thing anyway.

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Frequency – Discerning God’s Voice (09-20-2020 to 10-18-2020)

In order to tune into God’s frequency, we must tune out other frequencies. Discern means to set apart or to agonize or wrestle. A massive part of discernment is recognizing that when God does not give us the answer that we want, God is still present.

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Hold Fast (09-06-2020 to 09-13-2020)

2 John is one of the shortest but powerful books of the bible, teaching of “Truth” and “Love”. Christians are not meant to believe the gospel, we are meant to live the gospel.

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Erased (08-09-2020 to 08-30-2020)

A relationship with the Holy Spirit is often ignored in Christian relationships.This is what “Erased” is about.  We have neglected our relationship with the spirit, and these are the things that we need to do in order to see this important aspect of being a follower of Jesus Christ.

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Ghosts (07-12-2020 to 08-02-2020)

You don’t have to be afraid of your past because that’s not who you are anymore. Jesus has made you a completely new creation; you have a new identity.

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Refresh (06-07-2020 to 07-05-2020)

A return to Godly Wisdom. Reinvigorate things and make them refreshed. Leave the past behind, refresh ourselves back to God’s mission for us. Return to a unity with God.

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Irrational Hope (04-12-2020 to 05-17-2020)

Holding sorrow and joy together. It gives us hope that like Daniel we can walk into the lion’s den with all the odds against us and still come out victorious.

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Flirting With Disaster (02-23-2020 to 03-29-2020)

Wile E coyote, is always playing with explosives and anvils, and other things that bring disaster, but he continues to flirt with them, to use them, to play with them.  It is time that we take a different approach. Safeguards discussing how we must be mindful of temptation and put safeguards in our lives to make sure that we don’t fall to temptation.

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5 Years From Now (01-12-2020 to 1-26-2020)

Where will you be five years from now? Sanctification and setting goals for the better to reflect Jesus. Our behavior change is a reflection of our salvation, but we do not obtain salvation because of our behavior.

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